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Evolution of the Active Antenna IC
  1. David Corman
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Core ICs
The Evolution of the Active Antenna IC

We say it all the time – 5G is no longer a figure far off in the distance. It’s upon us. But there’s no denying the years of iteration and learning from other industries it took to get us to this point in the mmWave revolution. This article looks back at how the heart of 5G technology, the mmWave Active Antenna IC, has evolved across key markets over the past decade.

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What is new at Anokiwave
  1. Robert S. Donahue
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Core ICs
What is new at Anokiwave — 5G of course

Recently, Anokiwave CEO Robert S. Donahue sat down with Microwave Journal editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude to talk about his market insights, the April MVP, Anokiwave's AWMF–0129 Active Antenna for 5G, and the latest news from Anokiwave.

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In 5G, The Last will be First
  1. Ian Gresham
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Core ICs
In 5G, The Last will be First. The Last Mile, that is...

As telecom behemoths continue gobbling up spectrum and edging closer to network deployment for 2019, urgency heightens to make 5G technology commercially ready for consumers. We are not talking about cell phones or IoT — it is fixed wireless, with devices right outside of our homes, giving us access to WiFi and cable, that will see 5G first.

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Anokiwave Year in Review
  1. Carl Frank
  2. 5G, Active Antenna, Silicon Core IC
2016 in Review: Our Year in mmW

A milestone year has come and gone in the mmW world. Over the past 12 months, we’ve unveiled new products, partnered with major industry organizations and expanded our company footprint. As we kick off the new year, here’s a look back at what made 2016 so memorable.

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