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Evolution of the Active Antenna IC
  1. David Corman
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Core ICs, SATCOM
The Evolution of the Active Antenna IC

We say it all the time – 5G is no longer a figure far off in the distance. It’s upon us. But there’s no denying the years of iteration and learning from other industries it took to get us to this point in the mmWave revolution. This article looks back at how the heart of 5G technology, the mmWave Active Antenna IC, has evolved across key markets over the past decade.

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  1. David Corman
  2. SATCOM, Silicon Core IC
Core IC Solutions for SATCOM Applications

Anokiwave personnel have many years of experience designing satellite communications (SATCO) terminal outdoor units (ODUs) and associated core ICs.

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