aWMF-0112 K-Band Si Core Chip

AWMF-0112 K-Band Silicon SATCOM Rx Octal Core IC

  • 17.7-20.2 GHz operation
  • Supports 8 single pol radiating elements
  • 5 bit phase and gain control
  • Gain compensation over temperature
  • Temperature reporting

AWMF-0112 Product Overview

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The AWMF-0112 is a highly integrated silicon octal core chip intended for satellite communications applications. The device supports eight single polarization radiating elements. The device provides 22 dB of gain with a noise figure of 3.4 dB. Additional features include gain compensation over temperature and temperature reporting. The chip features ESD protection on all pins, operates from a +1.8 V supply, and is packaged in a 56 lead 7x7 mm QFN for easy installation in planar phased array antennas.

  • 17.7-20.2 GHz operation
  • 22 dB coherent gain
  • 3.4 dB NF
  • -35 dBm IIP3
  • 15.5 dB Amplitude Dynamic Range
  • 5 bit phase control (LSB=11.25°)
  • 5 bit gain control (LSB = 0.5dB)
  • 0.3 W DC power

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