AWP-8186 E-Band HPA

AWP-8186 E-Band High Power Amplifier MMIC

  • 81-86 GHz operation
  • 5-stage power amplification
  • +24.5 dBm Psat (0.28W)
  • > +24 dB linear gain
  • On-chip forward power detector
  • 0.1um GaAs PHEMT process

AWP-8186 Product Overview

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The AWP-8186 is a 5-stage high power amplifier that provides a typical saturated output power of +24.5 dBm across the frequency band and a typical gain of 24 dB. The HPA features an on-chip forward power detector with companion diode for temperature compensation.

  • 81-86 GHz operation
  • +24.5 dBm Psat
  • +24 dB linear gain
  • 18 dB (typ) Input Return Loss
  • > 12 dB Output Return Loss
  • +3.5V Drain Bias Voltage
  • 0.9A Bias Current Drain under RF drive

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