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Anokiwave Announces Opening of mmW Test Laboratory


Anokiwave mmW Test Laboratory

San Diego CA, 3 September, 2015:  Anokiwave, Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated core IC solutions for mmW markets and AESA based solutions, today announced the opening of its new mmW test and measurement laboratory in the Billerica, MA office. The new laboratory enables full characterization and pilot production testing of its portfolio of mmW products scheduled to release this fall.

The Anokiwave mmW lab capabilities include full wafer-probe capability, pulsed RF measurement testing, and a multi-port characterization system for complete testing of the mmW IC solutions. With this capability, Anokiwave is able to make full crossbar vector RF measurements and complete thermal characterization of its core ICs.

“Our highly experienced application and test engineers have been able to bring this mmW test lab on-line quickly,” states Robert Donahue, Anokiwave CEO. “Highly integrated IC designs require cutting edge multi-port mmW test capability, and that’s what we’ve established.”

The 2000 ft2 lab was enabled by the recent Anokiwave Series B funding completion and allows Anokiwave to expand its capability to provide innovative products for mmW 5G and complementary markets.

About Anokiwave:
Anokiwave is a cutting edge provider of highly integrated core chip solutions that enable emerging mm-Wave and AESA markets. Anokiwave’s creative system architectures and optimal selection of semiconductor technologies solve the toughest engineering problems.

Anokiwave is based in San Diego, CA and operates design centers in Phoenix, AZ and Boston, MA. Additional information can be found at

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