What's new at Anokiwave?

From IC to array, Anokiwave enables your mmW system. We leverage our outstanding design capabilities to achieve the smallest, lowest cost, and best performing ICs.

Scalable Phased Array Antenna Innovator Kit

mmW 5G Phased Array
Antenna Innovator Kits

Complete mmW to IF dual pol antenna design for mmW 5G radios.

Beamformer IC Family for all mmW 5G Bands

mmW Silicon 5G Quad
Core Dual Pol IC Family

Simplifies active antenna array design with a scalable architecture.

mmW Silicon Tx/Rx Frequency Conversion IC Family

mmW Silicon 5G
Up/Down Converter IFIC Family

Enabling complete mmW to IF signal chain solutions.

Ku and K/Ka-Band SATCOM ICs for Flat Panel Active Antennas

for Flat Panel Active Antennas

Ku and K/Ka Band for LEO/MEO/GEO systems.

Delivering Reality

Anokiwave delivers reality instead of a promise of a future product with field proven ICs and continues to lay a path for the industry to adopt mmW active antennas at a commercial scale, making mmW a reality for all.

IC with very high performance shipping in volume

Performance Advantage

  • Highest dB linear power and efficiency
  • Best in class Rx sensitivity
  • Unique digital features (ZERO-CAL®)

Anokiwave enables a path for the industry to adopt mmW active antennas at a commercial scale

Solutions Today

  • Multiple Generations of released ICs
  • All parts available and shipping
  • Used in deployed and working radios

Features like our patented Zero-Cal allow our customers to realize the lowest total cost of ownership

Lowest Cost of Ownership

  • Delivering lowest $/dB commercially
  • Fewer ICs needed due to high power
  • ZERO-CAL® eliminated need for calibration

Anokiwave ICs work in phased array Active Antennas

Credibility and Support

  • Always meets promised commitments
  • Fully committed to active antennas
  • System architecture, antennas, boards, ICs


mmW Silicon ICs

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