SATCOM ICs for Flat Panel Active Antennas

SATCOM Beamforming ICs for Flat Panel Active Antennas

Silicon Beamformimg IC Famiy

  • ICs for Ku and K/Ka Bands:
    • 10.7 - 12.75 GHz (Ku-Rx AWMF-0146)
    • 13.75 - 14.6 GHz (Ku-Tx AWMF-0147)
    • 17.7 - 20.2 GHz (K-Rx AWMF-0132)
    • 27.5 - 30.0 GHz (Ka-Tx AWMF-0133)
  • Supports 4 dual pol radiating elements
  • Flexible polarization (RHCP, LHCP, linear)
  • 6 bit phase control; 5 bit gain control
  • Telemetry reporting
  • ZERO-CAL® phase/gain calibration free
  • Pin and digital compatible across all bands
  • Ground, Aero SATCOM, and SOTM systems

SATCOM IC Family Overview



The SATCOM family of ICs are highly integrated silicon quad core ICs intended for satellite communications applications. The family enables up to 50% lower DC power for the system, smaller arrays and lower cost using CMOS technology without needing external LNAs due to the very low noise figure of the Rx ICs. The family features patented ZERO-CAL® technology that eliminates the need for array calibration. The ICs operate from a +1.2 V supply and are packaged in a WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) for easy installation in planar phased array antennas.

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