Gaurav Menon VP Engineering

Gaurav Menon
Vice President of Engineering, San Diego Design Center

Gaurav Menon joined Anokiwave in May 2008 as a Senior Design engineer and also served as Director of Engineering. Over the past decade, he has designed and led the development of microwave and mm-wave GaAs MMICs, SiGe RFICs, discrete MICs, modules and packages.

At Anokiwave, he is leading efforts to design innovative and highly integrated SiGe BiCMOS ICs for satellite communications and phased array radar applications. Prior to joining Anokiwave, Mr. Menon worked at US Monolithics where he was responsible for the development of Ku & Ka band PAs, LNAs, mixers and full transceiver modules for the satellite communications market. In particular, he led the development of a 30 GHz up-convert module from MMIC design phase to production at multiple manufacturing facilities in Asia. To date, over one million units have been built.

Mr. Menon received the BSEE degree from Manipal University and the MSEE degree from the University of Utah. He holds 7 US patents.

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Gaurav Menon VP Engineering