Core Chip IC Solutions for SATCOM Applications

David Corman Chief Systems Architect
  1. SATCOM, Silicon Core ICs

Anokiwave personnel have many years of experience designing satellite communications (SATCOM) terminal outdoor units (ODUs) and associated core ICs. These core ICs operate at Ku/K/Ka-band and include GaAs and GaN low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated up/down converters, and full systems on a chip (SoC) silicon ICs.

The ODUs can be ground based or mounted to mobile platforms such as aircraft, trains, etc. The ODUs communicate with geo-stationary satellites located in the equatorial orbital plane. The terminals can vary in size from large earth stations with 10 meter diameter antennas to consumer grade terminals with antennas on the order of 1 meter in diameter. Due to the long link distances (~35 km) associated with geostationary satellite communications, all terminals require very low noise receivers and high power transmitters. Up/down converters are typically included as part of the ODU with coaxial cabling providing the connectivity to indoor or other remotely located modems.

In order for the ODUs to be low enough cost to enable high volume consumer grade terminals, high levels of integration are required. The lowest cost terminals result when as much functionality as possible is integrated onto feature rich silicon core ICs. Judicious use of GaAs and/or GaN parts can then be used to establish lowest possible receiver noise figure and high transmitter output power to optimize terminal performance.

Let Anokiwave apply its many years of experience in SATCOM core ICs to design a highly integrated core IC solution for you to enhance your SATCOM system SWAP-C.