E-Band Low Noise Amplifier MMIC

  • Wideband operation: 71-86 GHz
  • 4-stage power amplification
  • < 3.5 dB noise figure
  • > 17 dB (typ) gain
  • 15 dB gain adjust
  • 8 dBm output P1dB
  • 0.1um GaAs PHEMT process

AWL-7186 Product Overview

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The AWL-7186 is a 4-stage ultra-low noise amplifier that provides a noise figure of less than 3.5 dB, an output P1dB of +8 dBm, and an adjustable gain range of 15 dB. The MMIC features exceptional gain flatness and superior noise performance over a very wide bandwidth. It is implemented in 0.1 um GaAs PHEMT technology.

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