AWMF-0129 5G Active Antenna

64-Element Active Antenna Innovator’s Kit

  • 27.5–30 GHz operation
  • n257/n261 3GPP bands
  • 64–element phased array antenna
  • Tx/Rx half duplex operation
  • Linear polarization
  • 2D electronic beam scan
  • Programmable beam widths
  • Fast beam update rate
  • Temperature sense telemetry
  • Scalable for hybrid beamforming MU-MIMO

AWMF-0129 Product Overview



The AWMF-0129 is an active array for 5G wireless applications developed using planar antenna technology resulting in a very low profile, lightweight unit. The surface mount assembled antenna board is based on Anokiwave’s AWMF-0108 Silicon Quad Core IC and demonstrates the performance achievable using low power silicon integration and efficient antenna layout and design. Using the AWMF-0108, the antenna provides +50dBmi output power while consuming just 12W DC power in the RF circuits and has achieved Gb/s data rates in OTA trials. The electronic 2D beam steering is achieved using analog RF beam forming, with independent phase and gain control in both Tx and Rx operating modes. The AWMF-0129 antenna leads the way in showing how 5G coverage can be rolled out by network operators using the mmW bands, with low power footprint and high energy efficiency, while meeting key operating specifications for data rate, latency, coverage, and reliability.

5G Fixed Wireless Access