AWMF-0161 n260 Band Up/Down Converter IFIC

n260 Band Silicon Up/Down Converter IFIC

  • Single-chip frequency up/down conversion
  • 37 - 40 GHz operation
  • n260 3GPP band
  • Flat wideband IF and RF response
  • Integrated sideband and image rejection
  • Tx/Rx half duplex operation
  • On-chip x4 LO frequency multiplier

AWMF-0161 Product Overview



The AWMF-0161 is a highly-integrated silicon frequency-conversion IC intended for 5G phased array applications. The half-duplex IC integrates Tx single-sideband up-conversion and Rx image-reject down-conversion functionality. An on-chip frequency multiplier simplifies board-level integration with external PLLs. Additional features include gain compensation over temperature, temperature reporting, and power detector telemetry. The device features ESD protection on all pins, operates from 1.8 V supply, and is packaged in a WLCSP (wafer level chip scale package) for easy flip chip installation in planar phased array antennas

3GPP compliant 5G communications arrays and satcom transceivers