AWS-0102 K-band 4x2 Quad Rx Beamformer IC

AWS-0102 Rx Beamformer IC Product Overview

K-Band Quad 4x2 Rx Beamformer IC

The AWS-0102 is a highly integrated silicon quad core IC intended for satellite communications applications. The device supports four dual polarization radiating elements with full programmable polarization flexibility. Additional features include gain compensation over temperature and temperature reporting. The chip features ESD protection on all pins, operates from a +1.8 V supply, and is packaged in a 56 lead 7x7 mm QFN for easy installation in planar phased array antennas.

The Gen-1 K/Ka band SATCOM beamformer IC family was the industry’s first commercially available ICs that enabled the era of flat panel affordable earth terminal solutions and were the basis of many SATCOM flat panel arrays in 2016-2019.


  • 17.7 to 20.2 GHz operation
  • Supports 4 dual pol radiating elements
  • Flexible polarization (RHCP, LHCP, linear)
  • 5-bit phase control
  • Gain compensation over temperature
  • Temperature reporting


Flat Panel SATCOM systems using LEO/MEO/GEO satellites.

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