AWMF-0106 X-Band Front End ASIC

Medium Power Front End ASIC

  • 8.5-10.55 GHz operation
  • Integrated PA/LNA/limiter/switch
  • Integrated output power detector
  • Active biased PA
  • Active self biased LNA
  • Dual Rx outputs for dual Rx beam phased array applications

AWMF-0106 Product Overview

The AWMF-0106 is an integrated power amplifier, low noise amplifier, limiter, and T/R switch intended for radar phased array applications. The device provides 30 dB linear gain and 4W saturated output power during Tx mode; 24 dB gain and 3.3 dB noise figure during Rx mode. Additional features include Tx output power detection, active bias of the power amplifier stages, and active self bias of the low noise amplifier stages. Dual Rx outputs are provided to enable dual Rx beam phased array applications. The device features ESD protection and is packaged in a 7x7 mm, 56 lead 7x7 QFN for easy installation in planar phased arrays.

Commercial and Weather Radar