Commercializing mmW Active Antennas

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  • Always first to market with leading performance at scale
  • Already enabling industry's leading active antennas
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  • Most unique, patented, calibration free architecture

Company Overview


From IC to array. Anokiwave enables your mmW system.

NEW! Introducing 5G mmW Active Antenna Innovator Kits. Quickly evaluate array level performance of Anokiwave ICs, create prototypes and proof of concept, and accelerate time to market.

Our products include mmW Si core ICs, Active Antenna ICs, and mmW Front End ICs. We place all requisite functions for Active Antennas on small silicon ICs within the radiating element lattice of the Active Antenna, enabling low-profile planar solutions for 5G, SATCOM, and Aerospace and Defense markets.

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mmW Silicon ICs

Intelligent Array IC Solutions™

mmW Algorithms to Antennas™


Our Technologies

Anokiwave offers a family of Active Antenna ICs at X, Ku, and K/Ka-bands for 5G, SATCOM, and Aerospace and Defense markets. Supported with expert systems engineering and optimal technology solutions, our highly integrated Core ICs and System-in-Package solutions provide our customers the fastest-time-to-market. Anokiwave’s patent-pending IP blocks implemented in silicon technology enable low-cost hybrid beam forming for mmW intelligent arrays with high energy efficiency and fast beam steering™.


Our Markets

Anokiwave delivers highly integrated core IC solutions enabling emerging mmW 5G, SATCOM, and Aerospace & Defense markets with Active Antenna based solutions. We provide disruptive value by solving the toughest engineering problems with creative system architectures and optimal selection of semiconductor technologies.