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Enabling New Capabilities in D&A Using the Advances of mmW Silicon Commercial Technologies

Anokiwave has been providing mmW technology for SATCOM, RADAR, EW, COMMs, and Space applications for over 20 years. In addition to COTS parts, we also provide multiple custom IC designs specifically for D&A and ITAR applications.

SATCOM, RADAR, EW, COMMs, Space, and NextG applications
  • Low SWaP-C using highly integrated Silicon
  • Leveraging existing high-volume COTS silicon solutions
  • Flexibility to customize ICs for specific needs
  • Phased IC development to meet budgetary constraints
  • Feasibility analysis to understand system level trade-offs
  • ITAR design capability with a domestic supply chain
Anokiwave | Enabling Defense and Aerospace and beyond.

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